Personal Resilience Self Assessment

Please complete the quiz to assess your Personal Resilience.

1)  When circumstances suddenly change and I am faced with uncertainty...
I feel irritated because I plan in advance to stay in control
I am mildly upset - I keep an open mind and improvise and adapt as I progress
I let others take the lead as I prefer to deal with situations that I have experience of

2)  When I experience adversity and disappointment...
I feel upset but proceed to find alternatives
I believe that difficulty is the norm - it is just the way life is, and I can’t change it
I determine who caused the trouble and make others aware of it

3)  When I differ in opinion from another person...
I avoid the person and ignore the issue
I ensure that I win the argument
I find out more and find the time to resolve the issue

4)  When I think about challenges in my life...
I keep on developing multiple talents and skills
I worry about what may go wrong and how I will cope
I don’t think about possible challenges - when they arrive I will deal with them

5)  When I think about my own and other people’s personalities...
I believe that we should be the same everyday - stable and predictable
I am comfortable with people displaying opposite traits, like being trusting but cautious, unselfish yet looking after one’s interests, optimistic yet foreseeing what could go wrong, etc.
I don’t think much about such things – people are just who they are

6)  When other people experience difficulty...
I take their situations personally and help them carry the emotional weight
I understand how they feel, and put myself in their shoes
I find out as much as I can and assist them where possible

7)  When I realise that my life is out of balance...
I keep it to myself and avoid involving others
I complain about the burdens of life
I talk to people that I trust and find relief in meditation or prayer

8)  When I make a mistake...
I admit to myself and others that I have made the mistake, then rectify the situation as far as possible
I accept that all people make mistakes and forget about it
I feel very bad about it, blame myself and think about it for weeks afterwards

9)  When someone does me an injustice, is unfair to me, or breach my trust...
I forgive but I don’t forget
I ignore it completely, and go on with life as before
I allow myself to experience and express the uncomfortable feelings, forgive the person, and reflect on my share in creating the problem

10)  When something bad happens to me I think:
I must be a bad person, because I attract bad things
Bad things that happen to me do not make me bad
People should be more caring

11)  Regarding my eating habits:
I am aware of what works for me
I follow the rules and keep to a strict diet
I don’t think too much about what I eat – I eat what I enjoy

12)  Regarding my physical fitness:
I am too busy to be physically active
I am highly competitive when it comes to physical challenges
I enjoy varied physical activities

13)  When faced with the issue of authority...
I believe one should always respect authority and do what is requested
I question the basis of it, before I agree to it
I disregard authority and make it clear that I feel that way

14)  Regarding the future, I believe...
It is out of my hands
I can influence my future positively
It is unpredictable, life is complex

15)  Regarding stress: I believe that...
I choose my reaction to life events
Everybody experiences stress, it is a result of modern life
Life is not fair

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