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Cutting Edge Strategies for Executives and Leaders at the Forefront

Individualised coaching programmes are customised to suit the needs of the individual and the operational requirements of the company.

Select a programme for more information:

  • Executive Coaching
Business Coaching for Leaders in Senior Management

Turning Executive responsibilities into creative, strategic opportunities, ensuring peak performance for leaders at the forefront.
Individualised, off-site full day sessions followed by shorter sessions scheduled to comply with operational needs.
  • Life Coaching
Life Coaching for Resilience in the Workplace

Developing mental and emotional flexibility to optimise personal and professional performance through individual and small group coaching interventions.
Short sessions or one day interventions to maximise time and impact.
  • Personal Branding and Professional Image Coaching
Professional Image & Brand Awareness Coaching

Aligning personal and corporate branding – take your image, etiquette and personal impact to the next level from the first seven seconds to personal rebranding.
Individual and group coaching packaged according to organisational requirements.
  • Frontline Coaching
Appearance and Telephone Skills Coaching for Frontline and Support Staff

Assisting front line staff to represent the company when dealing with customers. Optimize first impressions and enhance client experience - to the client, the front-line person is the company.
Based on pre assessment, targeted, well structured hands-on coaching is offered.
  • On the Job Coaching
Accredited on the Job Coaching Modules

Learn how to help others grow by applying on-the-job coaching skills. Transfer competencies in a structured, yet flexible manner. One of the most powerful and effective ways of getting people in the fast lane.
Coaching the coach to be effective in the workplace – a three-day intervention.
  • Coaching to Grow Future Leaders
Empowering teachers to be life coaches

Children with personal and interpersonal skills are more effective learners – teacher can be instrumental as life coaches that enhance resilience.
Five days formal training and practical application required to become an accredited ‘Resiliency Coach’.