Performance Management - Annie Greeff

Performance Management

Managing Performance

Starting with your company’s performance criteria, this workshop sets the tone for an integration of theory, interpretation, processes and company culture. Role plays and case studies are used to determine skills and actions that lead to the best results. Utilising performance management strategies build trust and grow people. Making performance evaluations fair and objective is an essential part of managing company resources productively. Managers need to:
  • Define the concept of performance management
  • Interpret your company’s performance criteria
  • Describe the role of the performance manager
  • Manage the performance management process
  • List the different components of performance management
  • Delegate tasks
  • Give proper instructions
  • Know how to observe performance on the job
  • Understand what constitutes competence
  • Assess performance
  • Distinguish between outstanding and average performance
  • Give objective performance feedback
  • Make relevant suggestions
  • Involve the team in the process of improving performance
  • Explain what is expected of each individual team member
  • Apply the relevant communication skills

Leadership and Performance Management Workshops

Advanced Skills and Applications for Optimising Organisational Output

Accredited Programmes:
Personal Skills (1 Day) Interpersonal Skills
(1 Day)
Career Orientation (1 Day)