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Annie Greeff has published a number of books and DVD's, both in South Africa and internationally.
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Personal Resilience Resilience is much more than stress management or the ability to recover from difficulty. Rather it is a set of sustainable life strategies enabling you to use challenges as opportunities for growth and personal progress to become wiser, stronger and happier.

Price: R 120

In hierdie boek bemoedig Annie spesifiek normale mense in alledaagse en soms minder alledaagse omstandighede om te help skep aan ‘n beter, positiewe toekoms.

Price: R 120
Interpersonal connection makes the difference in personal relationships and business. By applying basic ‘recipes’ messages become more potent and constructive.

So many people from all walks of life feel lonely and detached. Good communication skills can make a difference.

Price: R 120
While management can be generic, leadership reflects the individual. In conversations with different leaders, their simple philosophies emerged as robust pillars for shaping modern organizations. Their success is testimony of the power of positive belief and action.

Price: R 120
During challenging times you have the choice to either become bitter or to find strategies for becoming better. When you retain your hope for the future, you discover the diamonds in the dust. Applying some basic guidelines formulated by a group of experts working in different fields, you can discover your own brilliance.

Price: R 120


This DVD features conversations with 8 modern leaders, celebrated by their staff for their exceptional leadership qualities. Their outlook and unique contributions are examples of fostering corporate resilience. They are indeed the ‘Eye of the Storm’ amidst turmoil and challenges.