Resilience - Annie Greeff


In the natural environment, resilience means that an area or system, under threat or damaged, is restored to its pristine state. In the engineering and construction industries, resilience would be the ability of material or a structure to return to an original state – to withstand shock, stress, weight or pressure. However, human beings cannot be untouched by life events – we do not necessarily return to an original or former state and our challenge is to continuously develop, refine and transform ourselves. So can a community or organisation not progress or thrive, if it continuously aims to return to an original state. It needs to able to answer the question: ‘How are we stronger, wiser and more experienced as a result of dealing with the challenge?’ Longing for the good old days, can therefore not build the character of the person, community or company in a productive manner – the world is constantly changing, and adaptation more often than not, requires focussed effort to create or construct a positive future.

It is on this journey of positive change towards meaningful strategic goals that I can assist you with a personalised and customised solution – sensitive to your operational needs and company culture. My expertise lies in not giving you an ‘off the shelf’ solution, but rather to co-create the journey through working with you and your employees and the process designed for the strategic goal.